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MBRA Rowing Safety and Rules for Mission Bay, San Diego

The agreed upon traffic pattern map of Mission Bay is required reading for all rowers. If you have questions after reading it, ask your coach or a board member.


  1. All launches and shells must keep well to the west side of the bay heading south, and all launches and shells must keep to the east side of the bay heading north.
  2. You must be closer to the appropriate shore than to the center of the traffic pattern at all times.
  3. Always stay to the right of the buoys marking the channels
  4. Stay clear of boats that are racing and avoid interfering with "pieces"
  5. Always assume the "other guy" doesn't see you, especially uncoxed boats
  6. Watch out for swimmers
  7. El Carmel and Santa Clara Point: Yield to south bound and north bound traffic in the pattern and proceed at extremely low rates in a single file departing and arriving from/to the beach.
  8. North end of Fiesta Island: The north bound traffic pattern extends north to De Anza cove. Do not cut the corner at this location when exiting Tecolote Canyon.


  1. All shells must be equipped with a bow ball.
  2. Red/Green bow navigation and White stern lights ARE REQUIRED between dusk and dawn.
  3. Rowers are urged to wear high visibility clothing to enhance their visibility to others. In foggy conditions, darker clothing is more visible, while at dawn or dusk, lighter clothing is best.
  4. Each rower should be aware of basic shell safety and check equipment before leaving the dock.


  1. All rowers must know how to swim.
  2. Bow persons in any blind boat must be signed off by a member of the MBRA board. Blind boats include a straight four, quad or double.
  3. Scullers and crews must signout in the rowing log book.
  4. Coxswains must be signed off by a member of the MBRA board or an MBRA coach.
  5. Rowers must have the skills, strength and agility to perform all tasks related to rowing in a safe manner.
  6. Current MBRA and MBAC waiver & consent forms must be on file prior to rowing.

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